Worry No More: Sun-kissed Skin Aftercare

Worry No More: Sun-kissed Skin Aftercare

Life is fun and will be more fun with the days spent under the sun. After a tiring week in the busy streets of the city, everybody deserves a day or two at the beach to relieve the body and soul. The aftermath of the getaway might be painful and sickening but worry not because we will provide you with guides on how to take good care of that sun-kissed skin.


The first thing to do is to take a shower and moisturize. Surely, the sunscreens and beauty creams never escaped your mind before soaking in the salty ocean. Now, get up and clean your skin to get rid of the artifact upsurge. Use a natural bar for hydration, and refrain from using drying deodorant soaps. Use moisturizing body butter to the body upon drying off. This is very important because salt and sand dry the skin.


Do not forget, walking around the sands in the beach gives your feet a free exfoliation. Thus, you should be moisturizing it. Putting a moisturizer is a must because exfoliating and soaking them in the sea is a big mess if not followed by a moisturizer.


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Next, rescue your hair from frizzing out! While you are at the beach, your hair experiences a tragic beating. The best thing to do here is to thoroughly wash it and apply a heavy and deep conditioner once you get home. Leave it for five to ten minutes and comb out your hair.


Remember to make time for a gentle care on your face. The beach breeze may have included your face in the exfoliation or may have brought dirt in your face. To be safe, a gentle cleanser can be used and a moisturizer can be applied for hydration. Also, a night cream is good to give your skin a rest.


The skin on the lips is more sensitive compared to the other parts of our body. Thus, after a day at the beach, soothing the lips is important as they can feel dry, depending on how hot the day was.


And finally, the most common advice that we could get from anyone, hydrate your body to avoid dehydration.