Why You Should Start Adding Essential Oils to Your Shampoo

Why You Should Start Adding Essential Oils to Your Shampoo

Why not skip the harsh chemicals and instead use natural treatments which include essential oils? We have always been a fan of many shampoo commercials on TV, promising us countless benefits. But the truth is, these brands carry countless chemicals on their products too. Although, they do infuse some essential oils how can we be sure unless we do it ourselves!

Yes, we will do it by ourselves. Who says we can’t infuse our favorite essential oils on our shampoo at home?

Essential oils help improve the condition of our hair and add freshness too. Other essential oils are good for all hair types, while others have specific purpose and effects.


Essential Oil


When Choosing Essential Oils

The first you should do is to identify the specific needs of your hair and scalp and then tailor your routine to address these particular hair and scalp problems. Remember, it is vital that you choose the right essential oil for your hair type.

As mentioned, some essential oils are safe for all hair types such as carrot seed, rosemary, castor, argan, and lavender. Other oils such as spearmint, juniper, and tea tree treat the scalp’s itching and flaking while rosewood and chamomile for hair moisture. Additionally, oils like the thyme and sandalwood are for stimulating the scalp and strengthening the hair while the lemon, chamomile, rose and castor oils are for hair growth.


When Adding the Essential Oils in Shampoo

Whether you make your shampoo, buy any organic shampoo based and or the ones from the market, you can add these essential oils and make it more beneficial. Add around 20 to 30 drops of your preferred essential oil/s. Now, you can enjoy your essential oil-infused hair care product.

Though essential oils are natural and are gentle on the skin and hair, still side effects are probable on few occasions especially if you have delicate skin. Just be mindful for any sensitivity or itching, which may indicate an adverse effect. Additionally, avoid overusing any essential oils since it can dry your hair. It’s important to avoid abusing the essential oils or combining too much to your shampoo.