Why is Gold Infused Makeup Worth it?

Why is Gold Infused Makeup Worth it?

Is it worth it? That is the question women, and actually, everyone would ask if they hear about gold infused makeup and products in general. Merely because they are quite costly and who would want to spend so much on something that might just give the same benefit with those less expensive ones?


When we hear gold, we automatically think about jewelry. However today, gold is not only worn but also applied as skin care products and mind you, even eaten.


The gold-infused skin care products are significantly increasingly and even more widespread as many consumers now realize that they can get amazing effects from it.


Yes, we understand that it’s more expensive than your regular skincare products, but there are several reasons why you should spend a little extra so that you too can get these benefits we list below:


 24K Gold Pearl Powder Mask


An Excellent Antioxidant

The Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals that damage your normal and healthy skin cells. It’s essential for your body to have antioxidants as it will prevent any oxidation from occurring and since gold doesn’t rust when it’s exhibited to other elements or immersed into water, it is an excellent antioxidant.


Reduces Signs of Aging and Prevents Wrinkles

When the oxidation process damages your healthy skin cells, the collagen of your skin breaks down, and you lose the elastin. Losing the elastin of your skin is a primary cause of having fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It is the antioxidants that slow this process and prevent any damage from occurring.


Enhances Other Antioxidants to be More Effective

If you blend gold with other antioxidants, it makes them more effective when we speak at the molecular level. These wrinkle creams can penetrate into the lower dermis levels of the skin, therefore protecting the new cells and promoting the collagen’s growth.


So, YES, it’s worth it! It might be a little expensive, but several studies show that the gold-infused skin care products give more positive results in less time. When you begin to get wrinkles, you must try using a skin care product whose primary ingredient is gold. And again it will cost you a bit more, but you will have great results that leave you to question – how will I ever live without these products?