When and How Should You Apply Your Body Lotion?

When and How Should You Apply Your Body Lotion?

Pretty sure that many of us apply our lotion before going to bed, well at least most of us. However, it is stated that lotions are best applied on the damp skin to get the most out of our lotions and moisturizers. Still, most of us do not know this but does it matter? Do we have to change our routine in applying our lotions and creams?

Well, YES! because the success of our skin care depends on how we implement them.


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Skin is a powerful system whose condition and qualities depend on hydration, environment, temperature, and many other factors. Hence, our skin’s capacity to absorb chemicals topically can differ considerably.  Therefore we should be conscious of how to make sure that we optimize the penetration of the active components. How? Read along!

1. Cleansing

Cleansing your skin before you apply your lotions and or creams is essential because it conditions your skin. Therefore, the only best time to use your skin care products is right after a warm shower or bath since not only that your skin is clean and fresh, it is also completely moist and should fully absorb the products you apply.


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2. Moisturizing

It is better that you apply your products when your skin is moisturized because the ingredients can penetrate enough. When your cream has already dried up, the penetration rate also lowers.

3. Warm skin is better

Before you apply a product, you want to make sure that your skin a little warm. If not, you may use a warm towel and damp it slowly onto your face just to give it a little heat. Warm water will open your pores, thus having a warm skin will allow for a better penetration of the products.


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4. Exfoliating

Gentle exfoliation can improve the absorption of the skin care ingredients onto your skin since if the topmost part of the skin which is known as “stratum corneum” which is formed mostly of dry and dead cells grows too thick. When it does, the active ingredients of the skin care product will strain from penetrating enough to make and produce an effect.