What's Hidden Behind Beauty?

What’s Hidden Behind Beauty?

Over the century, the invention of something that transforms faces for less than an hour is one of the most compelling things to exist in women’s lives. Tap a powder, draw a brow, and shade lipstick. These are just the basic processes in transforming “YOU.” Of course, casual days are matched with casual looks, and same goes when days are with occasions, women wear heavy, thick make-up.

For the sake of the existing balance of things in the Earth, as every good thing goes with an equivalent of a bad thing and all other opposites of things, what adverse effect hides behind the incomparable beauty that make-up offer?

Some women may not take to go out without it, but studies show make-up brings women at risk to some deadly diseases. According to a book about women and health, new cosmetics contain toxic chemicals which can cause cancer and other serious illnesses. According to experts who studied cosmetics and beauty products, coal tar colors, phenylenediamine, benzene, and formaldehyde are some of the toxic chemicals used in manufacturing shampoos, skin creams, and blushers. Cosmetics also contain chemicals that could disrupt hormones and cause neurological and reproductive damage.

In a book entitled Drop Dead Gorgeous, Miss Erickson said that most chemicals used in manufacturing cosmetics are better left in a test tube than in our faces. These ingredients are inexpensive and long-lasting, which is why manufacturers use them. Lo and behold, the results obtained in long-term usage could be deadly.

With the Department of Trade and Industry’s 1996 Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations, the production of cosmetics is being controlled with 3,000 approved ingredients only. Nevertheless, many more still find their way into the dangerous finished products. Some are even sold online, as we see in online shopping sites.

Chemicals in cosmetics get into the bloodstreams in numerous possible ways – Hair sprays, perfumes, and powders are inhaled, eye shadows, blush on, and sensitive mucous membranes can absorb other products, and other pores give their way to get in. Even the tints we put in our lips get swallowed.

“The situation as it is plainly dangerous- unacceptable so.” – This is according to Dr. Munro who has treated 8,000 women, nearly all due to beauty products sensitivity. True it is that make-up helps us to look more beautiful, gain confidence and self-esteem, but, we must also take into consideration the one thing that keeps us as what we are, our health.


These are the main reasons why growing numbers of researchers are finding their ways into safer and natural products that would give way less or zero adverse effects as possible. Organic products are gradually introduced nowadays from food all the way to makeup products. Hence, many women also prefer organic makeup products. Women today are becoming smarter when it comes to choosing the products they put on their face. At the end of the day, awareness has been given, and the decision will always be up to you. Makeup is art; Beauty is a spirit.