What they See from the Outside

What they See from the Outside

We exist in a modern world, and people from this generation can quickly make judgments as to how they see people from the outside.

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First of all, the most that people could see in us is our skin.  Of course, that’s what people see first. It’s the biggest organ in our body, and certainly, we should take care of it. That’s how they judge us at first sight. Our skin is an external part that shows and somehow reflects how we take good care of ourselves. People get conscious on how they dress, how they smell especially how they look like. Ladies are more concern about their skin than guys are and they afraid to be judged just according on how they look like.

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Most of the concerns people are having about their skin are, acne, rashes, sunburn and most common we have is a pimple, and so we apply every possible medicine that could heal it. By lotions, moisturizers, and some creams, scars disappear by just weeks and some patience. But actually, it is not the only way that people can do to protect or make their skin healthy. One of the facts that make our skin beautiful is by drinking water and by the food that we take. Our health can also be judged through our skin. Changes in our skin can be a sign that something is wrong. Studies show that hives, rashes, and itching may indicate an allergic reaction, a viral infection, an autoimmune disease or a bacterial skin infection. A mole may be a precursor of skin cancer. Lastly, is our hygiene. Millions of bacteria live in our skin, but not all can cause damage. As Banks says, “The harmless bacteria that thrive on the skin can help immune cells fight disease-causing microbes.”


As humans of this generation, we desire to show people the best that we can be. And with this, skincare is the most important thing that we could do. Some people would say that it’s just a skin, but it’s not just a skin. It is something that protects everything.