What Does it Take to be the Perfect Skin Cream?

What Does it Take to be the Perfect Skin Cream?



Hundreds of skin cream options are available in any drug store or department store walkway. Almost all products promise to erase everything away and bring back that radiant and youthful skin, but only a few are able to deliver what was promised. And with the wide array of products to choose from, how can women be able to know which one exactly fits the needs? Here are a few of the essential ingredients that you should be looking for in the label:

Retin-A and Renova

Popular beauty skin creams contain retinol as an ingredient, which is a form of vitamin A. However, the only form of vitamin A that has been tested and proven to be effective in reducing skin problems is called “tretinoin” which comes in two formulas, Retin-A and Renova.


If you are looking for skin creams that offer moisturizing and exfoliating benefits, look for products that contain alpha hydroxy acid or AHA, beta hydroxy acid or BHA, and/or poly hydroxy acid or PHA. According to experts, aside from their beneficial effects on the epidermis, they can also improve the quality of collagen and elastic fibers through high concentration of glycolic acids.



Vitamin C

To help your skin produce more collagen and make it look even brighter, skin creams with high vitamin C content is highly recommended. But this is not only limited on the outer layer of the skin. To make this possible, the vitamin C should be formulated as Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate or MAP. Thus, Vitamin C content appears to be, or with “MAP” on the label.


Because collagen cannot penetrate the epidermis, peptides were idealized to be small pieces of collagen that can go through the skin to the dermis. Peptides in the market usually contain Argireline or Matrixyl molecule that helps reduce wrinkles and improve facial muscles.