Top Rules You Should Know About Wearing Rings

Top Rules You Should Know About Wearing Rings

First of all, how would you know if a person is married? Of course, you would look at their hand and search for a ring. That’s how powerful that small circle is. It gives information with complete ease. It lets people know about one’s achievements, beliefs, commitments, and personality. This can be a wedding ring, an engagement ring, a family ring, a fashion ring, or a fraternal ring. Rings matter and it is very much important what message yours convey to the world. Here are four loud and clear rules every man must know in wearing rings.


RULE NUMBER 1: Understand Messages

Wherever you are, your ring helps anyone identify your association. They are used to relay signals of wealth and power, as the size of a gem as well as its clarity signifies superiority and someone with a substantial wealth. Additionally, the placement of the ring would also occupy an important place in the hands.


RULE NUMBER 2: Be Confident!

Some would feel awkward in the first few moments or days of wearing a new ring. The “fake it until you make it” is not a bit of help, instead, wearing the ring around the house would be better, until you’ll be used to the weight and feel of it. After that, try wearing the ring around those whom you trust, a family or a close friend maybe, and see if they would notice. Observe and get used to their comments before finally wearing it in public.


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RULE NUMBER 3: Keep Your Hands in a Correct Proportion

Large hands are good for larger-sized rings and smaller hands are for smaller rings. This is to keep proportion and make you feel less awkward especially on the first few days of having the ring.


RULE NUMBER 4: Balance with Other Jewelry

If you opt to wear multiple rings and pieces of jewelry, be sure that they are well balanced by putting some on the other hand. Crowding them in one hand is not a good idea. For example, if you are wearing a wedding ring and a watch on your left hand, try having a simple bracelet on the right wrist to keep everything balanced.