Top 8 Reasons Why Water is Life

Top 8 Reasons Why Water is Life

We all have been told that water is life and almost every health related article we can read over the internet tells us to have the proper water intake in our bodies. But in what specific reason do we really need to have water?

Cleansing Water

1.       Water is the material of life. Life is not possible without water. Fresh water must continually be added in our systems in order to be hydrated. And surely you have heard about water therapy those water cures a lot of ailments such as headache, fatigue, cough and colds, and many more.

2.       Our body is composed of 80% water. Scientifically, water makes up 85 percent of your brain, 80 percent of your blood and 75 percent of the lean muscles.

3.       We need water source. The body has no water source other than itself. With that, we constantly do need to refill ourselves with water. Soft drinks and other beverages contain sugar, and steal a large amount of water in our body.

4.       Water plays an important role in our every day. Simply put, water has a great control in our body function. Lack of water triggers daytime fatigue, and could cause malfunction of the body system, which then results to different illnesses.

5.       Water transports and metabolizes. The body has many different processes, and water is one fuel to keep them in proper many. Water is important for proper circulation, digestion, and nutrient absorption of the body. Carbohydrate and proteins are transported by water to the different parts of the body in the bloodstream.

6.       Water is vital for the proper circulation of the body. When the body is properly hydrated, the oxygen level is greater. The more oxygen present in the body, the more fat it will burn.

7.       Water removes toxins in the body, particularly from the digestive tract. It holds back the appetite naturally, thus helping the body metabolize stored fat. According to studies, a decrease in water intake would cause an increase in stored fat.

8.       Water regulates cooling system. People who engage in sports often take sport drinks after or during a heavy activity, but it is recommended that plain water is very much effective and appropriate than any carbohydrate or sugared drink.