The Top 5 Causes of Dark Underarms

The Top 5 Causes of Dark Underarms

It’s not unusual that numerous people are having this skin problem and many have been trying a lot of possible answers in the market. But what causes the underarm to darken? It is important that we understand this because we will never answer this problem unless we identify the causes and how to go about them. Let’s get to the point! Below are at least the top five causes of dark underarms.

1. Shaving

During shaving, you cut the hairs off at, or simply below the covering of the skin. If your underarm hairs are somewhat darker than your skin color, they can convey the appearance that your skin has darker stain when it`s just the sub-surface underarm hair.

Tip: Discontinue shaving and try plucking or waxing instead, so you get cleared of the hair under the skin surface. Since the hairs are not hiding so close to the surface of your skin, they won’t be so visible.

2. Dead skin cells

According to dermatologists, dark spots in your underarms are the effect of the dead skin cells that are confined to microscopic “hills and valleys” on your skin.

Tip: Exfoliate regularly, preferably using a product that contains lactic acid.

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3. Deodorant usage

In speculation, there are components in these products that could be reacting with the skin to produce discoloration. Realistically speaking this seems strange, but many people do allege that when they stop applying APDs, their underarm darkness goes away.

Tip: Try changing brands or applying a deodorant rather an antiperspirant or just don’t use anything at all and stick to natural stuff like applying lemon instead.

4.  Acanthosis nigricans

This skin condition makes the light-brown-to-black showings on the neck, in the groin or the under the arms. It can be linked to insulin production or a glandular disorder, and it usually happens to people who are overweight.

Tip: Maintain a good diet to manage insulin production and apply Retin-A, 20% urea, salicylic acid prescriptions or alpha hydroxyl acids to whiten your armpits.

5. Hyper-pigmentation

This condition makes your skin to provide extra melanin pigment. It doesn`t typically affect your underarms, so it’s a less likely cause.

Tip: Apply a skin bleaching serum or cream to stop the excess melanin or maybe try a laser procedure to dissolve the pigment.

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