Top 5 Anti-Allergy Foods That You Should Try Today!

Top 5 Anti-Allergy Foods That You Should Try Today!

One of the top reasons we visit our doctor is due to allergies. Allergy is an adverse reaction of our body to certain substances. Individuals have a different allergic response to various allergens. Allergens are any substances that can stimulate allergy. Some of the most known allergens are pet dander, insect stings, pollen, different foods like shrimps and squid.

While there are many available remedies to treat allergies, the problem is medicines are also an allergen to some people. Allergies may seem to be a mild illness; it can lead to serious diseases and even death. Thus, when allergy strikes, it should be given attention as soon as possible. All the more if it involves children.


Luckily, we have some remedies we can always use to prevent somehow or treat allergies found in the comfort of our home.


1. Garlic

If you don’t like the stinky smell of garlic, then you will start to like garlic from now. Garlic produces inflammatory compounds that help in combating allergic reactions.

*Take one or two cloves of garlic every day or put more than the usual amount of garlic to your dish.


2. Ginger

Ginger has a chock full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help you fight allergies. Plus, ginger works better than your regular antihistamine medicines in the drugstores.

*Drink ‘salabat’ or ginger tea every day. Others even treat like a candy and keep it in their mouth the whole day. Just bite it a little to get a bit of its juice. Or add more ginger to your dish as well.


3. Turmeric

Turmeric ‘luyang dilaw’ is another kind of ginger which has a yellow color. However, turmeric has more prominent components than the regular ginger. It has ‘curcumin’ which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that fights allergies. Additionally, Turmeric also acts as a powerful decongestant that can alleviate multiple indications of an allergic reaction.


ginger powder

*Drink turmeric tea every day or add turmeric in your regular drinks like milk, juice or even coffee.

It’s fascinating how we can find countless of natural remedies in our home which we did not think of them as solutions. While these can help us treat allergies, do not bargain it with your health. If symptoms are already notable – always consult the doctor.