Top 3 Beach Destinations in the Philippines to Visit this 2018 Summer

Top 3 Beach Destinations in the Philippines to Visit this 2018 Summer

Having 7,107 islands with only 2000 inhabited, Philippines offer a superb biodiversity varying from tropical rainforests, and coral reefs to magnificent mountain ranges, world-class beaches, enchanting islands and a distinct array of flora and fauna.

The Philippines has also one of the longest white sand coastlines in the world, making it as one of the most visited countries for beach destinations. Plus, summer is coming! For sure a lot more people will enjoy what the Philippines has to offer.

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Here is a list of our top 3 Philippine beach destinations you can enjoy this summer 2018.

1. El Nido, Palawan
CNN’s travel news website listed El Nido in Palawan as one of the Philippines’ best beaches and island destinations for its “extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem.”

Palawan has about 50 white sand beaches, five types of forest, along with three major marine habitats, and numerous species of birds.

With a total area of 903.21 sq. km, El Nido has the largest marine reserve and sanctuary in the Philippines.

2. Boracay, Aklan
Boracay is just a small island with huge experience to offer. Boracay is known for its powdery white sands and pristine blue waters making it as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the country. The island has over 350 resorts. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly inns, everyone has room to stay.

This island has always something for everyone, from water sports including scuba diving, and snorkeling, to party nightlife with bars, great pubs, and restaurants, to a relaxing and peaceful environment.

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3. Panglao Island, Bohol
Just like Boracay, Panglao Island is also known for its fine white sands and pristine blue waters. They also take pride in their diving spots which are among the best in the Philippines with abundant marine species.

In fact, it has discovered that Panglao Island has more marine species and biodiversity than Japan and the Mediterranean Sea combined.

If you are looking for a beach destination that is not yet fully developed and is more on the untouched side, Panglao is a choice worth to consider.