Tips to Find the Perfect Fit of Your Shoes

Tips to Find the Perfect Fit of Your Shoes

Which is really better when buying shoes, the smaller size or, the bigger one? I am sure you have all asked yourself that question. While you are trying to figure out the answer to this question, another one pops up saying, how do I find the perfect fit of my shoe? Practically speaking all shoe stores has their own shoe measuring device, so use it. Specifically, most of them have the Brannock shoe measuring tool which will provide you the width and length of your foot.


However, most of us may find that our feet don’t have the same measurement; one may be smaller and or bigger than the other. No need to fuss because that is normal. The reason behind could be of genetically based where the formation of your bunions have abnormalities that influence the alignment of the bones of the foot making it smaller or bigger than the other foot. Another one could be the splay foot where the ligaments become weak, making the foot widen or elongate. In fact; women during the pregnancy period mostly experience this situation due to the hormone called Relaxin which allows the ligaments in the pelvis part to expand during delivery that also affects the foot ligaments.

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Another trick is a rule of thumb. When getting a pair of shoes, make sure that to identify your longest toes then, add a thumb width on it as well as at the end of the shoe. This will give you enough allowance of your foot, not too small or too big for your size. Additionally, always remember to buy a pair shoe that fits the bigger one since you can simply add an insole to make the perfect fit. Shoes that would not fit properly will cause you to have no proper balance; it’s fine if you are wearing flats but never when wearing heels.

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The end point is always to take the time when buying shoes. Do not be too impulsive; make sure that you check everything, the size, the width, the insoles etcetera. The best thing to do it is to wear the pair of shoes for at least 5 minutes; stand, walk, sit and even try to run on it ( just be careful, you don’t to break it and pay for it ).