Tips About Proper Lip Care

Tips About Proper Lip Care

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. As to lip care, it is always best to restore and maintain the health of our lips even though it would take time for the outcome to be visible. To avoid giving your lips a terrible condition, here are some tips to keep them healthy and happy.


Do not touch or lick them. Because our lips do not a have their own natural protection, they can easily be affected by anything we do. Licking your lips might feel good at one moment, but when the saliva evaporates upon exposure to air, the lips could be even drier. Saliva enzymes are actually harsh on your lips. Another thing is, never breathe with an open mouth. Lip moisture gets stripped away with all the dry air blown over it.


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It is very much recommended that you follow a healthy diet plan. A good and healthy diet is not only important for your body skin but also for your lips because they contain specific vitamins and other nutrients that are very much essential to it.


Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! Drink a lot of water, as normally advised, to have healthy lips. They also need water, just how your skin needs it.


Make ups are good to look at, but only at a limited time. Especially when you are about to go to sleep or at times when you least need it, it is better to remove your makeup and remove all traces of makeup. A cotton ball could be helpful in wiping your lips clean.


Be sure to always have a lip balm with you because you never know when your lips start drying out. A good hydrating and creamy lip balm is what you need especially when you are traveling so you could keep that soft and hydrated lips anywhere you go.