Three Tools and It's all About Garlic

Three Tools and It’s all About Garlic

Kitchen tools are as equally important as the essential kitchen tools as it makes our kitchen tasks a lot easier. Especially if you are a one-person show in your kitchen and you have no one to do the chopping for you while you do the other stuff. There are many kitchen tools available in the market and there are tools for garlics too!


garlic tool

When cooking any dishes and any cuisines, garlic is always present. Everyone needs garlic for any dishes, and that is the truth. However, others may not like cleaning or chopping garlic for its odour and or its size. Before we cook it, of course, we have to clean it by peeling out its skin and chopping it. It would not need us to spend so much energy but wouldn’t it be better if we can use something to make dealing with garlic easier?


Here we have listed below the 3 kitchen tools for garlic which you will find at thefunstuffshop:




1. Multifunction Garlic Chopper

The multifunction garlic chopper is a stainless steel device which you can use to chop garlic by just pressing both hands to squeeze and chop the garlic inside. Though it does not chop a lot of garlic at a time, it is a great tool for everyday cooking at home.

2. Easy Garlic Peeler

The easy garlic peeler is made of plastic with round shape. Just put the garlic inside, roll it while pressing a bit and voila! Your garlic is already peeled. It is very convenient especially if you need to peel a bunch of garlic and so easy to use.

3. Garlic/Onion/Vegetable Chopper

This chopper does not only cater garlic but also onions and other vegetables. It is perfect for mincing and dicing. It has stainless steel blades which is perfect for mincing quickly. Just put inside the garlic, onions or vegetables; press down the button using the palm of your hand. The more you hit the finer the food become. It is compact and very easy to use, very helpful too.