Things Your Lips Might Suffer When not Well-Cared For

Things Your Lips Might Suffer When not Well-Cared For

Girls, as part of their daily routine, do love to put lip colors in vibrant, pastel or nude colors. But remember, no lipstick would look good on lips that aren’t well cared for. The skin on the lips is thinner compared to all other parts of our body, thus, they are more prone to cracking and chapping. And because they bear lesser amounts of oil glands, they do not have the ability to produce enough sun-filtering natural melanin, thus, they do not have a protection of their own.


The fast solution for these chapped and dry lips is a regular use of lip balm which is made of oils and waxes to sooth the raw and stinging lips. Many products incorporate sunscreens and UVA-protecting ingredients. To know more about the things your lips might be able to experience, here are some of the common lip problems and what causes them.

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CHAPPING: This can occur in almost any season of the year and can be prevented and/or treated by applying a good choice of lip balm daily. When you apply the lip balm, apply in such a way that it slightly overlaps to the edges of your lips. The right lip balm for chapped lips is those with sun protection and vitamins A, C, E, and AHAs.


SPLITTING: These are cracks in the lips that often results from sleeping in dry air. To solve this, it is essential that you sleep after putting on a good choice of lip balm, or a humidifier which helps to retain the moisture in the air.


COLD SORES: These are caused by viral infections that look like open scabs or blisters. To avoid re-infection, applying lipstick while the sore is still visible is best recommended to be through a cotton swab


LIPSTICK BLEEDING: The mouth loses collagen and elastic tissues due to aging or by smoking. To help contain your lipstick in the line, use a waxy lip liner.