Things You Didn’t Know When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Things You Didn’t Know When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Many people do not understand all the emotions a man goes through when going around and shopping for an engagement ring. And even though there are parts that come along with the line “see for yourself”, here are some of a few hints that might be helpful to all the men out there who hope to give the best engagement ring.


FIRST, after you’ve made the decision to propose, random talks about pieces of jewelry with her would suddenly become interesting. Listen carefully every time she talks about pieces of jewelry. Here, you will be able to get a hint of what type of ring she wants. Maybe she desired that vintage style of ring she saw from her best friend, or maybe she liked a simple but elegant ring.


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SECOND, whether you’ve known her parents for five months or five years, formally asking for their daughter’s hand for marriage is definitely awkward and uncomfortable. But you know what? Just do it. Being secretive about her family is a big no. If you do it, they’ll love you more for it.


THIRD, talk to other guys – your friends or your dad, who has already gone through it. You may be a private person of some sort, but shopping for an engagement ring definitely needs an opinion. Open your inner circle and invite someone you know who already had an experience. That person knows some of the best decisions in ring shopping.


FOURTH, don’t forget her friends! To be sure you’ll hit the bull’s eye in giving her the ring, confide in someone that is close to her to see if they know something she liked for a long time now or maybe something that has caught her eye in the jewelry section of a shopping mall weeks ago.