The Story behind Women's Shoe Obsession

The Story behind Women’s Shoe Obsession

If there’s that one thing which Carrie from Sex and the City has influenced us all, it’s that a fabulous pair of shoes can make all right.

Innumerable women can admit that there just seems to be some mystical power linked with buying shoes and even purchasing clothing in general. What is it about shopping for pairs of shoes that make ladies so happy?

But has it ever come to your minds that there might be a psychological reason for this women’s obsession? If you do, then you are right! A new study examining into women’s emotions and health shows that there may be deeper transpiring with women’s obsessions for shoes and shopping overall.


Shopper’s High is real!

Maybe your hubby doesn’t agree, but there is this unexplainable sensation linked to getting a new pair of shoes. Although many of us can’t seem to put the finger on the reason, fortunately, psychologists have completed this job for us.

You may already hear what dopamine is, a neurotransmitter in the brain that delivers good feelings all throughout the body. The drugs and the other highs imitate this sensation. That’s the reason why a lot of people are hooked on those temporary releases to get that feeling.

What if we say that shopping releases dopamine, also? And no we have no time for debates because yeah it’s true! Studies show that shopping, particularly for shoes, releases high amounts of dopamine inside our brains, producing that feel-good feeling.

Talking about our brains and why we get addicted to buying shoes, a different part of the brain is stimulated as this dopamine runs. There lives a “collecting spot” in all our brains. When there is something that makes us happy, the brain instructs us to keep buying and getting these items, so naturally, shoe hoarding is just our minds talking.


Rationalizing the Obsession

Yes, it’s true that buying shoes and wearing them boost dopamine levels inside the brain, as well a mood of euphoria. Though, have you ever discerned that women have a tenor to rationalize their shoe collections or shall we say obsession?

That’s because shoes are considered as a necessity. Certainly, a new shirt or a pair of jeans is fine. However, we all need shoes for our feet. Boots are required for wet or cold seasons. Heels are an essential for special occasions. While the practical flats and sneakers are necessary for working out or doing demanding tasks.

Now, that’s already four pairs of shoes mentioned. Now you come into the debate of color and style, and it becomes sensible to have over ten sets of shoes inside the closet. Well, at least. The average woman confesses to having at least ten pairs of shoes, and one in each 12 women declares to have over 100 pairs of them.

Certainly, some women may just make excuses for their extravagant shoe collections, while some may, in fact, have a deep-seated disorder. But, there seems to be a psychological logic behind shoe purchases and the shoe wearing. Either reaching a dopamine rush or a great state of euphoria, shoes give all of the gratifying sensations many people love.