The Flower Crowns Fever

The Flower Crowns Fever

Putting flowers in the hair is one of the favorite things of girls during summer. Well, actually all year round. Flower crowns are a beautiful accessory for weddings or event but you definitely don’t need to save them for specific occasions. If you feel like wearing a flower crown, why not? Also, flower crowns are great hair accessories for music festivals and the like.

Let your inner bohemian vibe rule and add some fancifulness to a boring day.


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How to find them?
Flower crowns are easy to find. You can go to regular flower shops and surely they offer flower crowns with fresh flowers of course. If you are also looking for a crown that you can wear again and again. You can find crowns in the mall with faux flowers and they are not that too expensive.

However, if you consider yourself creative and you are patient enough to go through some Youtube tutorials in making flower crowns, then why not DIY it.


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Styling tips:
Flower crown would look more overwhelming with a beautiful hairstyle underneath. A plain beachy wave is fine too. Make sure to pin them to hold them in place.

For your makeup, we suggest that you go with a light makeup and let the flowers natural colors light up your face.


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There are 3 types of flower crowns that you can choose.

The front crown
This type of flower crown is the most typical one where the flowers sit along your hairline or simply on top of your head.

The back crown
This is an alternative version of wearing a flower crown. It’s basically putting the flower crown at the back of your head usually sitting on a beautiful hairstyle.

The full crown
The full flower crown is a full circle wreath flower crown which is just place on top of the head.

So there you have it, the flower crown fever! We’re pretty sure flower crowns are here to stay. Whether you are planning to wear a crown on your wedding or you want to pump up your boho outfit, this is a way to go!