The Essense of Mandala Art

The Essense of Mandala Art

Probably some of you are not familiar with Mandala art while others are fond of it. But really, what is Mandala?

Mandala is an intricate abstract design that is normally circular in form. The word “mandala” is actually a Sanskrit word which means “circle”. It has a single identifiable pivot point, from which connects a variety of symbols, designs, shapes, and forms. It can include both organic, geometric forms and recognizable images that have specific meaning for the artist.

Aside from its beauty in art, Mandala has also been known to be therapeutic. In nature, Mandalas symbolize the relationship of one’s inner worlds and outer reality. Thus, creating your own Mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic.

Mandala Round Pendant Necklace
You can produce your own design of a Mandala to signify a state of mind that you desire to achieve. Furthermore, Mandalas are transcendent tools for reflection, meditation and raising self-awareness. In fact, several cultures use Mandalas as part of their spiritual practices.


3D Summer Beach Towel
Mandalas are unique to every artist because you have the freedom to create any design you wish to have that will truly reflect your sense of self, your view of reality and your own creativity.

No wonder a lot of people are starting to embrace it. You’ll see them printed on shirts, phone cases, necklaces, painted on walls and almost on everything because truly, Mandala is an art of beauty, grace, and uniqueness.