SwimWear Care: How to Keep Them for the Next Summer!

SwimWear Care: How to Keep Them for the Next Summer!

A summer getaway is a great chance to relax and get out from the reality for a while. It is also a fun way for you to flaunt your summer attire and of course your sexy body with your favorite bikini. That is why most women would invest on their swimwear. So, taking care of them is imperative. Who would want to wear only once a bikini that is worth that much?

However, swimwear are exposed to salt, sunscreen, chlorine, heat, and water which can cause to destroy their quality. So, how do you take care of your swimwear for the next summer?


Take these tips!


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Rinse right away!

Make sure to rinse your swimwear right after every use. The chlorine, the sea salt, and the sunscreen can surely fade the color and undermine the fabric, so always remember to rinse it right away after each wear.


Never soak it!

Most of us are guilty of this for sure. We tend to soak our swimwear after use for few minutes and even hours. As much as possible wash your swimsuit right after use to avoid discoloration and fading of colors.


Use cold water!

Never use hot water when washing your swimwear. Hot water can ruin the spandex component of your swimwear making it lose and lose its shape.


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Watch it!

Look where you sit or lay down. Make sure that you don’t sit or lay down on a rough surface as it can cause the fabric to be loose and can catch and end up scratched.


Swimwear’s price tag can vary from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, but whether it is cheap or costly, they all should be taken cared. Days and months pass by quickly before you know it’s already summer. So, keep them in shape!