Stick, Roll on or Spray: Tips in Applying Your Favorite Deo

Stick, Roll on or Spray: Tips in Applying Your Favorite Deo

Most of us apply deodorant to keep us fresh and smelling good during the day. And some of us spent some time choosing the right product that would fit you perfectly.

Others use deodorant sticks, some prefer roll-ons while others love sprays. But whatever you use, here are our simple tricks and tips to help you use them effectively.


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Give it a good shake!
If you are using a deo spray, make sure to give it a good shake before using. This will make sure that its well-mixed and that should make them work well.

Spray at the right distance!
Spraying your deo too close or way too far, will not do the magic. Make sure to spray approximately 15cm from your underarm. Just spray for 2 seconds on each underarm and you are good to go.

Just give it a roll!
If you are the roll on type, simply roll your deodorant 2-3 time each underarm. This should be enough to apply the product to the whole area.

Sweep it! Stick it!
For deo stick users, same rules apply. Just sweep 2-3 times over each underarm and that should be enough to stick throughout the day.

Give it a little time!
If you hate white marks as much as we do, then make sure to give your deo product whether it’d be spray, roll on or stick to be absorbed or dry before you dress up. This will make sure that you don’t get embarrassed with those annoying white marks on your shirt.