Stepping up Your Concealer Game with Color Correctors

Stepping up Your Concealer Game with Color Correctors

Color-correcting is surely a big thing in makeup today. You’ve seen it on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and literally everywhere. You will see many different colors such as green, purple, yellow, pink, white, etc., concealers are no longer skin tones alone.

Each color-correcting shade has a particular skin issue they are best befitted to conceal. That is why it is essential for any woman to understand the uses of each shade to conceal better and look even better.


Green Shade for Redness
The color green color-correcting shade neutralizes a redness on the face. It is the perfect shade to get rid of any redness on your faces such as redness from an annoying zit, or acne scars.

Blue/Lavender Shade for Yellow toned
This color-correcting shade is suitable for eliminating any unwanted yellow undertones. To conceal the yellow tones from your complete face, use a color correcting purple primer.


Concealer Palette with Makeup Brush

Pink/Peach Shade for Dark Areas

Pink or peach color-correcting shade is perfect for giving radiance and glow to the dark under eye circles.

Yellow Shade of Purplish Dark Tones
This shade is ideal for concealing any purple or blue bruises, veins, and under eye circles. It is great for evening facial skin tone and forgiving that glow and radiance.

Orange Concealers for Darker Skin Tones
Orange color-correcting share is generally for people with darker skin tones. Perfect for hiding dark circles and other skin discoloration issues.