Spikers Affecting Blood Pressure Numbers

Spikers Affecting Blood Pressure Numbers

It is not a surprise that high blood pressure is affecting a lot of people today – people of varying ages. That is why monitoring blood pressure has become convenient and easy with the use of electronic blood pressure monitoring devices.

Several agents can actually raise blood pressure. Thus, It is necessary to know how these factors or “spikers” affect your blood pressure numbers.

So, you don’t surprise yourself with a drastic rise of your BP, learn what these spikers are below:


If you can completely ditch tobacco, your body will definitely celebrate. But if not, avoid at least 30 minutes before taking measurements.


Love drinking coffee? Well, if you plan to take your blood pressure numbers, stop your crave first for at least half an hour.



Cold Temperatures
When you feel cold, your heart is doubling its effort to keep your body warm making your bp higher. So, make sure to set your temperature to a comfortable level before putting on that electronic blood pressure monitoring device.


Alcohol consumption for just before checking your blood pressure will definitely alter your BP numbers. So, ditch alcohol just at least 30 minutes before taking the numbers.


Exercise and grinding work out definitely warms your body so much that it increases your blood pressure. So, if you want to get the normal BP, do it 30 minutes at least after your work out.