Small Living Room Ideas: It's All About the Eye

Small Living Room Ideas: It’s All About the Eye

There are a lot of small living room ideas that about tricking the eye into making the area to appear extra spacious. Such tactics can transform an area that feels claustrophobic into one that seems comfortable and aesthetically pleasant. Decorate in a plan that maximizes space and light, and pay heed to how you apply color, weight, and scale. Promise, it can create quite a difference.


Trying new things is interesting. Sometimes conventional ideas about living room decoration aren’t the greatest answer for a small space. Rather using blinds for the window treatments use those long and flowing drapes instead because they attract attention to the vertical space, hence extending the area of the living room.

Your living room, despite size, should be able to function as a place for relaxation and entertainment. You see, if your room is small, we can’t do anything it unless you renovate the area. However, we can use some techniques and (call it) illusions to make your small room seem to feel and appear like it’s spacious – read along!

Attract the Eye Up

A room has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. If your room has a high ceiling, utilize this extra space by decorating it in a way that attracts the eye up the ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling drapes are a chic way to achieve this goal.

Another trick is to fill the upward space with a menagerie of little to midsize artwork pieces. This method will make the place feel larger than it is because it draws the eye to roam exceeding the eye-level flat area that may feel cramped.

Use Mirrors

Interior designers usually place mirrors strategically in little spaces to make them look and feel bigger. What they usually do is to put a large mirror in a central position to form a focal point. If you wish to reflect light and add a subtle ambiance, put it at the back of a light source such as a pendant lamp or a candle. If desirable, place a mirror crossed from your window, so it will display the view and provide the illusion of an extra window.

Use Furniture with Lightweight Display

When you buy for furniture, reconsider its optical weight. This idea relates to the observed heaviness of an object on size, color, and the design. Choose those pieces that have a lightweight display, as heavier and huge ones will appear to compress a space.


Go for the pale colors over the darker ones, and choose the pieces that have legs while dodging those that are in boxy forms. Using a glass coffee or end tables will take up smaller visual space compared to the wooden ones since you can see right through them. Any types of furniture pieces that don’t block views will make a room seem more spacious.

Choose Small Furniture

Using small scaled furniture is one of the most common ideas in making the most out a small living room. A sofa with slim arms and a tightly padded back is better to one with big arms and a multi-cushioned back.

If space is really tight, you could do without a couch perfectly, either picking a loveseat or choosing to put four chairs around a coffee table. When choosing chairs, pick the armless ones since they will take up little space than those with arms.

Apply Neutral Colors

One of the most modern small living room designs is the application of neutral colors on the floor, ceiling, walls and furniture cushioning. A palette of beiges or off-whites will extend the space by seeming to push back the walls. Using soft hues also seem to brighten a room through reflecting light. In addition to expanding an area, a neutral palette gives an on-the-spot sophistication and makes a calming environment.

Now, it’s no longer a secret how the interior designers make the most out of a small space. You too can do the same exact techniques in your room and be your own interior designer.