Simple Tips to Achieve Korean Beauty

Simple Tips to Achieve Korean Beauty

Many women are in a strong desire to achieve and be with the new trend of Korean beauty, but only a few are considered successful. The real deal of Korean beauty doesn’t happen in a few minutes after a makeup. Aside from the Korean beauty culture where they are taught how to eat, wash and care for their body, here are a few hacks that could transform your skin from hmmm to something gorgeous.



1.A morning steam massage in the shower is a good start. Typically used in a facial massage is the circular motion of the fingers, but tapping and rotating movements could also be helpful. Start on the forehead, followed by on the cheekbones down to the jawbone.

2.Using a charcoal sheet face mask could also be a big step in achieving the Korean beauty. The entire ingredient is charcoal, which helps Detox and exfoliates the skin. Leave a sheet of face mask on your face for at least 15 minutes while you relax.

3.Take a washcloth immersed in hot water and use it to exfoliate your face, massage in upward and circular strokes.

4.A facial essence in the middle of two layers of moisturizer is what any modern Korean woman do. These essences are the most important part of daily cleansing. Mild, skin nutrient-filled solutions hydrate your skin. Afterwards, add a serum and a moisturizer to your skin for maximum elasticity and hydration.

5.Blur to create an HD skin.” Try this all-new Korean blurring trick using one or more coverage products, blurring unwanted imperfections. Use an air-cushion foundation and blur like a pro.

6.Aside from the charcoal face mask mentioned earlier, using an overnight sleeping mask could help your skin cells do their hardest at cell recovery.

7.Improve your own lip color to bring out a younger look and more vibrant complexion. You can use a lip balm that adjusts to the chemistry of your lips while making it radiant.

8.Practice mouth stretches by pronouncing the five vowels in an overstated manner. You can repeat this three times to improve circulation and brighten skin tone

9.Private part detoxification: a vaginal steam termed “chai-yok” can be used for this where a woman sits naked for at least 30 minutes in an open-seated stool with a steaming pot of water below consisting of medicinal and aromatic herbs. This primarily helps infertility issues of women through cleansing the uterus as well as balancing hormone levels.