Should You Put Night Lamp to Your Children's Room?

Should You Put Night Lamp to Your Children’s Room?

Night lamps are helpful not only to see the light when tending to your kids but also to give them a feeling of security or easiness during bed time.

There are many types of night lamps you can find on the market. There are plain and straightforward while there are also contemporary ones that have many cute and beautiful designs. Others even have rotation and design or light patterns to choose from.


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However, when you choose night lamps, they should not be so bright or either super dim. Better yet, choose a night lamp which light is adjustable enough to switch from playtime to sleep time. Why?


1. Dark sleep environment encourages better sleep
Darkness signals the brains to release a natural sleep hormone called ‘melatonin.’ On the other hand, when it is too bright it can do the otherwise. So, it is crucial that you set the light to dim just enough dark so they can sleep better.

2. Bright sleep environment means more playtime
Instead of your children going to sleep at bedtime, they tend to be aroused to extend their playtime when bright light is on. Either you have a toddler who can’t get enough with his toys or a kid who loves to read books if they extend play time then their sleeping pattern might not become appropriate at their stage.


Lighting is critical for your children, and it’s something most parents don’t put too much attention. As a parent, you have to certain that your children get enough sleep as it contributes significantly to their development.