Say YES to Waxing and Quit Shaving

Say YES to Waxing and Quit Shaving

Waxing is way better than shaving for many many reasons. For those who are currently waxing on a routine basis will surely agree. Everybody wants a quick and safe solution for getting rid of that body and facial hair and waxing is the most preferred way.

If you are one those many people who raised a no for waxing only because you think it’s too painful or what not, well these top reasons might just change your mind!

Zero razor burns

Razor burns are not only painful and itchy, but it will also result in a terrible look. Nobody desires to put on a tank top or bikini with red and bumpy razor burns on their underarms or bikini line.

Saves you time

If you wake up so late and don’t have a chance to shave your thighs and legs, then you might have to change your outfit for the day. However, if you’ve had your thighs and legs waxed, it would not matter either you have the chance or not. Waxing saves you so much time every day. Waxing kills this time-consuming shaving routine daily as waxing is only done every couple of weeks.

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Reduces hair growth

If you frequently wax a particular area of your body, over time, the hair growth will be lesser. This is because of the hair papilla damage which is created by waxing. The hair papilla is the one responsible for providing nutrients to the hair for growing. With the absence of the papilla, the hair would not grow.

Produces softer hair

When shaving, the re-growth is initially stubbly and spiky that may be very annoying and uncomfortable. When you shave your unwanted hair, you are literally cutting it off leaving a sharp tip. Compared to when you wax the hair, you eliminate it from the root, so when it starts to grow back, it has a smooth and fine tip.

Saves your energy and money

With waxing, you don’t need to waste money on many razors and various  shaving cream. Razors become dull reasonably quickly, and they are costly to replace every time. Plus, shaving demands to waste a lot of water while bathing and it takes up a significant amount of time, and that’s every day. Rather than waxing which will only take 30 minutes the most and the result last much longer, so you don’t need to spend so much time every single day.

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Lasting results

The results from waxing normally last up to one month, unlike shaving which must be done every day. With shaving, hair still turns back during this time. However, it grows back lighter and softer opposed to when shaving. Hair will be much less prominent and doesn’t need you to shave it.

If you have never tried waxing all your unwanted hair, then today is the best time to give it a try. You will surely love the effects and will be very satisfied with the time, money and effort that you get to save.