Rules You Should Never Forget In Wearing Lip Gloss

Rules You Should Never Forget In Wearing Lip Gloss

Among the hundreds of products on the shelf, a lip gloss is the most foolproof. Maybe there are a few or a lot of women who have been using it the wrong way or perhaps been misguided. Here is a list of hard and fast rules when choosing and applying the best lip gloss for you.


10 Candy Color Lip Gloss

RULE NUMBER 1: Always go for a pure bright or dark gloss shade. Opaque and dense bold glosses have a very low possibility to look neat. Additionally, a neutral color also looks great on everyone.


RULE NUMBER 2: If you happen to have a gloss that does not match well with the skin tone you have, you can combine it with a clear gloss (or a petroleum jelly will do) to make it more wearable.


RULE NUMBER 3: if your mouth has fine lines in its surroundings, a gloss that’s close to your skin tone would be a great choice. If there happens any bleeding, it would be less obvious because of the gloss.


RULE NUMBER 4: It is not really necessary to stay away from sticky and thick formulas. They are actually not that “bad”. In fact, thicker formulas have the highest intensity shine and normally lasts longer compared to the thinner ones. Just that, these are NOT kissable.


RULE NUMBER 5: Never ever allow yourself to have an icky gloss mouth! Remember seeing people who tend to have a gloss and saliva collecting on the corners of their mouth besides the inside border of the lips? Stay safe from this by regular lip exfoliation with Vaseline and a warm washcloth.


RULE NUMBER 6: Always protect your lips. A lip gloss is like having oil in the body, so you need to protect it with a sunscreen. It is recommended that you should put a sunscreen on your lips before swiping on any gloss to keep it away from any sun damage.


RULE NUMBER 7: Avoid rubbing your lips together when applying lip gloss. Rubbing would push the lip gloss outwards, making your lips look like they are not yet finished.