More Reasons to Apply Organic Makeup

More Reasons to Apply Organic Makeup

Makeup is a fundamental beauty essence used by women all over the world. Numerous females are in no hustle to trench this everyday necessity. While wearing makeup helps enhance one’s appearance and confidence, it also shows the wearer to an array of different health concerns specifically to the skin. Studies are mounting to expose that some components in beauty and intimate care products are associated with Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, firing insult among professionals in the health and wellness associations. Hence, possible choices to chemically-made makeup and beauty goods are produced to combat these increasing health concerns.

Here are the more reasons why you should apply organic make-up:



1. Eco-Friendly

Traditional beauty products use petroleum-based components and rely on other chemicals for their product process. These composites are usually harsh elements, like aluminium, lead, and petroleum, all of which need inclusive mining. Many of these are done in some of the world’s most delicate and beautiful areas, like the Amazon rainforest. For the quest of these components, vast miles of land are stripped of the critical and vital wildlife all year round; destroying them. Unlike the organic products which only use natural ingredients that are available in nature; making the most out of the natural resources while taking care of the environment.


2. No Harsh Chemicals Contents

Most of the chemical-based products promise instant effect and Yes! They work but have you thought as to how this is possible? Did you even wonder what chemicals do they use? These products may be very useful for enhancing appearance, although transitorily, the chemicals found in conventional makeup are usually harsh on the skin and may develop allergic reactions or irritations especially for those with sensitive skin. You may not feel or notice the adverse effects as soon as you apply them, but believe us soon it will or the worst you just did not notice them. So, this is another reason to dodge chemicals and start using organics.


3. Natural Fragrance

Most of us shop not just with our sight and touch senses but also with our sense of smell. Some of us even solely consider the scent when we purchase stuff particularly for beauty and personal care products. For those conventional products, their scents are produced using various chemicals which if inhaled is not good for the health. Whereas, the organic products use natural fragrance which is better. It has better smell without the harsh chemicals.


4. Packed with Nutrients

The skin absorbs particular compounds; though, a protecting barrier can keep harsh compounds at some point to stay out of the body. Still, a study presumes that some personal care products, when used, can cause damage to the body systems and drive health consequences. One of the fundamental precepts for makeup, and every beauty product are primary and frank: “if you can’t eat it, then don’t wear it.” and this is why organics are great. At least you can be sure that what you use is packed with nutrients from natural ingredients. An example is the cocoa butter which is one of the most utilized natural moisturizers that provides vital fatty acids for a healthy and youthful skin.



5. Fights Premature Aging

Makeup made with natural ingredients usually gives some degree of sunscreen. The skin on the face is sensitive and more sensible to the UV-related skin aging, so using a mineral-rich cosmetic product that is organic could help maintain a healthy and youthful-looking skin. Various herbal extracts also contribute an antioxidant protection. Also, vitamin C has been shown to give sunscreen benefits.


To promote a radiant and beautiful skin, it’s imperative that you eat a diet rich in natural vegetation and to get lots of physical activity regularly. Moreover, by having enough sleep, dealing stress properly, and exercising the positive thinking, you can reconstruct your attitude towards serenity. After all, makeup is only to enhance your physical appearance, but nothing beats the beauty that comes from within.