Vitaccino Coffee


Main attributes of Vitaccino Imperia Elita slimming coffee:
– 100% natural composition
– No side effects
– Increases feeling of satiety and suppresses appetite
– Helps with body detox and digestive tract treatment
– Weight loss of 2-3 kgs per week
Ingredients: Hunger-obliviongrass, Griffonia simplicifolia, immature orange extract, instant African coffee MoyoJava, sugar, maltose, laktose, fructose.
Packaging: 15 sachets (10 g) of instant coffee in paper box
Use and dosage: 1 sachet disolve in 150 ml of hot water and drink in the morning before or after breakfest. Maximum daily dose is 1 sachet.
Contradictions: Unappropriate for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with heart or kidney disease.
Storage: store at the dry place, do not expose to the direct sun light.
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