Shelim Face Mask


The products provides enough moisture and nutrition to skin exposed by stimulation from outside, and its active component forms protective coat and helps moisture not evaporate to moisturize your skin.
>> Collagen
– delay sagging if skin
– tighten pores
– promotes elasticity of the skin
>> Pearl
– provides mineral and essential amino acid
– helps skin clear and an even skin tone
>> Tomato
– provides sun protection
– powerful antioxidants
– delay skin aging
– tighten large pores
>> Blueberry
– supply skin nutrition
– restore youthful glow
>> Royal Jelly
– soften skin
– hightens skin moisture
– keeps skin healthy looking skin
>> Cucumber
– moisturize and hydrates skin
>> Aloe Essence
– moisturize the skin
>>  Strawberry
– whitens and detoxify skin
– gives skin boost of nutrients
– keeps your skin healthy
>> Greentea
– detoxify skin
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