Seen on TV Multifunction Steaming Device Frying, Steaming Non Stick Pan (BLUE)


Pan Diameter: 15cm, Handle length: 14cm

The Multifunction Steaming Device is the new helper for the modern family, with functions including boiling, steaming, frying, roasting, etc. you have the perfect helper when it comes to preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is made from materials with high temperature resistance and high strength, has an automatic temperature controller that adjust temperature depending on type of food and its non-sticking coating makes it easy to clean after using it.


Multifunction Steaming Device
Fashionable and exquisite design
Integrated pot body and heating pan, ensuring even heating, frying, boiling, steaming, and deep frying
The high strength, high temperature resistant materials and the last non-sticking coating are adopted, ensuring an optimal, safe, sanitary and non-sticking effect
Provided with the automatic ceramic temperature controller to automatically adjust the temperature according to food in the pot
Good for frying or boiling eggs, steaming buns, roasting fish, heating milk etc.
Easy to clean

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