Seen On TV Cami Secret Clip -On Mock Camisoles


Cami Secret the quick and easy clip-on, mock camisole. It allows you to control the amount of cleavage you want show. Now you can have the layered look without the bulk with Cami Secret. Wear your favorite low cut blouse to work, and then meet for dinner date without having to run home to change you can adjust or completely remove Cami Secret in seconds so you quickly have the perfectly appropriate outfit for any situation.

Set of 3; Colors: Black, Beige and White
One Size Fits All
Adjustable- fits thin to wide bra straps

Length 25cm with clip
Height 16cm

How to use:
1. Put on any of your bras as you normally would.
2. With the lace trimmed side of Cami Secret facing away from you, open the Cami Secret clip and insert bra strap.
3.Close the Cami Secret clip and slide it over to lock.
4. Repeat on the opposite bra strap
5. Slide Cami Secret up or down your bra straps to adjust amount of coverage and to achieve desired look.

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