Rire Blue Real Deep Cleanser (140ml)


– Cleans deep inside of the pores
– Rich and abundant bubbles remove the wastes not only in the skin, but also deep inside of the pores, which makes the skin clean thoroughly.
– Also this Blue Real Deep Cleanser contains Marine Complex such as Kelp and Seaweed which includes plenty of minerals which maintain the moisture on the skin for a long time. With this Marine Complex, this cleanser helps make the skin moist & healthy glow.
– Balance between oil and moisture with Vitamin E capsule, this cleanser is excellent for maintaining oil-moisture balance which can crumble after washing the face by minimizing the moisture evaporation, which makes the skin texture moist after cleansing.

VOLUME: 140ml

– Dispense an adequate amount and lather fully with water.
– Massage gently onto the entire face and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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