Lishou Slimming Coffee


This coffee is a high quality and powerful hunger control blend of natural herbs and premium coffee. Helps to reduce weight quickly with quick visible effects.
1 can contains 15 sachets of coffee which is good for 15 days. If you already reach your desired weight, you can drink the coffee every other day or if you feel you eat too much you drink the coffee.
Drink 1 sachet of coffee every day 15 minutes after breakfast.
Don’t drink the coffee with an empty stomach. Please eat heavy breakfast.
Dissolve 1 sachet of coffee in 100 ml of hot water.
Don’t skip your meals. Eat 3x a day.
Drink a lot of water 3-4 liters a day so that you stay hydrated.
Don’t take any slimming products while you are drinking the slimming coffee.
Normal reactions:
Dry lips and always thirsty
Feeling full but NEVER skip your meals
Always urinating
Feeling sleepy during daytime
Feeling active at night if this happens drink the coffee every other day
No irregular bowel movement.
Note: if you feel other complications aside from these, please stop drinking.
Inappropriate for children under 18 years old and over 60 years of age.
Pregnant women
Nursing mother
Non- coffee drinker
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