Hairy Fairy Dry Shampoo


– Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo Benefits:

– Instantly refreshes and cleans by absorbing excess oil

– Lightweight formula nourishes without weighing hair down

– Builds body and bounce in just a few sprays

– Perfect for fine hair prone to feeling a little flat

– Convenient way to revive hair between washes

– Spritz on whenever your locks need a refreshing volume boost

– Dry shampoo can be used as a styling product when applying to fresh, clean, damp hair to build height.

Spray it on from roots to ends to maintain uniform texture throughout the hair. From there, whether you blow dry for gravity-defying volume or use a large curling iron to create fun, easy waves, dry shampoo can help you create the look you want.

It works on any hair type, but girls with thin to medium hair will notice the biggest difference.

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