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Gluta Nano Plus 900,000MG


GLUTA NANO PLUS (900,000mg)
New and Improved Gluta Nano Plus with White Strawberry Extract
Gluta Nano 900K Plus Authentic from Thailand
– 1 BOX contains 30 softgels
– white strawberry extract
– anti aging
– efficient in Skin Lightening
– rich in vitamin C to fight Oil Skin and Acne
– Gluta Nano Plus contains molecule which can be easily absorbed to whiten the skin
– Help prevent Cell Oxidation
– Slow Aging
– Help Build Healthy Immune System
– Reduce dark spots, frecles and acne scars
– It also helps you to achieve a V Shape Face without any surgery.
– Take 1-2 softgel before bedtime with warm water.
NOTE: Pregnant or Lactating Women and Person who taking Medications should consult A Health Care Professional before using.
Imported and Distributed by Precious Skin Thailand..
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