Welcome to our BAG COLLECTION!

Enjoy browsing our wide selection of basket bags – specially made for your stylish soul. Everything you see here is made by the hands of skilled Filipino artisans using local materials such as abaca fiber. It’s one of the strongest cordages in the world and it can be used to create beautiful and stylish masterpieces – including bags!

Flare up your OOTD with our colorful and stylish bags made from premium abaca fibers. Every abaca item we offer in our store is made from 100% Class A abaca fiber. Which means that you can easily distinguish the supremacy of our products against Class C abaca products. Our abaca fiber is milky white, silky smooth, and extremely durable. It is cloth-friendly, washable, and the texture of the bags is refined. Our artisans use first-class dye to bring vivacious colors and patterns in the clutches.

We’ve modeled our basket bags from the latest fashion trends; crafted by the hands of indigenous people of the Philippines who have been doing the intricate art of abaca weaving for centuries.

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