On-Fleek: How to Appropriately Fill Your Eyebrows

On-Fleek: How to Appropriately Fill Your Eyebrows

Because the eyebrows are important especially on modern women, filling in the eyebrows is already a thing. Mostly, taupe is the preferred color and is also the recommended starting color. It gives definite dark brows and doesn’t overwhelm lighter hair. To know which shades are good for you, test different ones on the side of your hand to see if it has warm or cool undertones.


  • For strawberry-blonde hair, warm tones such as red or red-orange will look good.
  • For blondes, a light taupe or a pencil up to two shades darker than your natural color will be good.
  • For brunettes, you should choose a pencil up to two shades lighter than your natural color because darker ones would give you an angry look.
  • For those who have naturally black hair, avoid using a black pencil. Instead, try using taupe or dark brown pencils.
  • For redheads, often use medium brown or taupe.
  • For grey-haired ladies, stay away from other shades of grey. Use taupe or light brown pencils.


After picking the right color for you, sharpen your pencil to a fine point. Remember, you are not coloring your brow with a solid line, but you are to draw a brow that looks like one with many individual hairs. A sharpener either for the brow pencils or for the regular pencils will do. For pencils that are too soft and would crumble easily, keep it in the refrigerator when not in use.


Kylie Kybrow

In filling out your brows, do upward strokes of the pencil, focusing on the thin areas. Feather the pencil strokes so that it would look like natural hair. Concentrate the pigment on the arch and tail of the eyebrow. The part that is closer to your nose should only be light and dense.


If you feel that your brows are of different heights, the pencil could be used to add hair, instead of trying to balance them through tweezing. Your eyebrows are sisters. With that, it is not said that they are twins. Having ones that do not exactly look alike are definitely okay.