No More Damage Safe and Effective Skin Bleaching

No More Damage Safe and Effective Skin Bleaching

Bleaching has become an interesting activity to many individuals, especially to those who desire to lighten their skin. Whether you are aiming for skin lightening due to a skin condition or for cosmetics, one must know that there is a way to safely and effectively bleach the skin, that is, without inducing further damage. There are hundreds of products in the market today, even on online shops that use organic and natural ingredients for bleaching. If you are aiming for a perfectly bleached skin, here is a guideline on how to choose your product:



Many skin bleaching products contain harmful chemicals, and this is one thing you should watch out for. Mainly, hydroquinone and mercury are two of the main bleaching ingredients you should avoid. Although hydroquinone has been widely used in treatment products, this can easily cause skin redness, allergy, and irritation. Over time it thickens the skin, and causes untreatable problems, making the skin condition worse especially if you are having a sensitive skin. And it may be surprising that Mercury is part of skin lightening products despite being known to be harmful, they are used in some bleaching products and these are the products we should also avoid. Mercury can cause severe neurological and psychiatric problems as well as kidney complications.



Though there are bleaching products that aren’t safe, there are also those that are. Choose a reputable company which is well-known to sell effective products and uses safe ingredients, the one which helps you achieve your targeted results without having to suffer from the side effects. Aside from choosing the most appropriate product for you, be sure to follow the usage instructions and apply it the right way.


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Skin bleaching products are effective when they are applied on a clean skin. Thus, it is always a protocol to use a cleanser and toner for pre-whitening before any bleaching application.



Be sure not to forget what the packaging says about the product. There are skin bleaching products designed for the body, and there are products designed for the face. It is not recommended to use one product all over, which means you need two separate products because the skin on the face is more sensitive, compared to the rest of the body.

By following these simple guidelines, it is not impossible to get the results that you want out from a skin bleaching product. After all, beauty does not require risking your health.