Natural Pearl or Cultured Pearl: How Can You Tell?

Natural Pearl or Cultured Pearl: How Can You Tell?

Pearls suggest a sense of sophistication, style, and affluence. In the lives of women, they play a great part and give a much deeper and wider impact than all other jewelry she could wear. When shopping for pearl jewelry, you will encounter different ones, and you may be having a hard time on which ones are appropriate for you. When it comes to naturally occurring pearls and cultured pearls, some are having a hard time in identifying their distinct differences. As a result, we tend to buy the ones that are not meant to be purchased. Here are some tips on how to distinguish cultured pearl and a natural one:


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  • Natural pearls transpire in the wild without any human aid. They grow inside a certain type of mussels or oysters, which decides whether they are saltwater or freshwater pearls; and they are enormously rare. Once they are found they are then harvested, cleaned and made into jewelry.


  • Cultured pearls are created under controlled conditions with the supervision of pearl farmers. A core made up of mussel shell is planted into an oyster or mussel. In response to the irritation effected by the foreign body or irritant, the oyster or mussel forms a pearl around it. They are designed perfectly from start to finish, harvested, cleaned, bleached, and made into jewelry.


  • Natural pearls differ in size and luminosity, while cultured pearls come in uniform shape and size. Natural pearls grow in varied shapes and sizes mainly because they are wild.


  • You may think that cultured pearls are fake and a sort of imitation, but they are not. Cultured pearls are composed of the same material as the natural one, just that it formed with a human supervision. Imitation pearls are plastic or glass and can be manufactured easily.


  • Prices of pearl jewelry can vary greatly. Because natural pearls are difficult and take the time to find, they are typically costly. Especially perfect strands of natural pearls, they are uncommon and can be one of the most expensive pieces. Just remember that the price of pearl jewelry depends on the rarity of its kind.