Naturactor: What the deal?

Naturactor: What the deal?

Naturactor is a very known product from Meiko. Celebrities, professional makeup artists, and many women use it, and they are satisfied with the product. But what’s with this Naturactor that makes all these women smile.

Naturactor Cover face

Naturactor is also called as the “Magic Concealer.” It blends easily which allows you to have full control as to whether apply a lot or little. It also balances the uneven skin tone giving you a more natural yet flawless look. It also gives a perfect coverage and is less expensive than other known brands yet does the same exact magic.


What benefits does Naturactor give?

  • Gentle and mild, does not feel sticky nor heavy (it feels natural)
  • Protects your skin from UV rays
  • Covers pigmentation, blemishes, acne scars,  scars, and dark stain
  • It’s long lasting; stays for up to 12 hours
  • Fragrance Free
  • Comes in different shades
  • Withstands humidity and heat
  • Blends easily on skin
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Finish
  • Has no adverse effect


Results of applying the Naturactor:

  • Sets the makeup for a long-lasting flawless look
  • It has silky finish
  • Diminishes shine, fine lines, pores and imperfections
  • Eliminates the greasy or tacky feels
  • Will not make the skin look dry and will not plunge into fine lines or appear patchy or cakey
  • Smoothes and evens the appearance of the skin


Clearly, Naturactor has shown to be a wonderful product to many women out there. You might wanna try as well. Get out for only 500 pesos at thefunstuffshop.