Moscow Copper Mule - Is it really Better?

Moscow Copper Mule – Is it really Better?

An absolutely delightful cocktail is more than alcohol blended with your preferred mixer. Cocktails should elevate the senses with fine aromas, flavors, and presentation. The practice of drinking, in and of itself, is a tradition of sociability, drawing people collectively to share laughter, stories, and entertainment. So whatever cocktail worth drinking should have its individual character and story. The story of the Moscow Mule, a standout amongst vodka spirits produced with tangy lime juice, fizzy ginger beer, and served in remarkable copper mugs, belongs on the list of classic American cocktails like several others.

Though the finely harmonized ingredients of the Moscow Mule recipe are unquestionably appealing, the authentic signature of this drink is the copper mug.

Barrel Smooth Copper Mug

Since Moscow Copper Mules first emerged in the 1940s, copper mugs became an imperative for a decent presentation. But is copper mugs better? For the perceptive drinker, it’s essential to know the facts. So in this article, we will look beyond the ginger beer and the vodka to review the substantial benefits of Copper Moscow Mule mugs.

Barrel Hammered Copper Mug

The temperature

The most scientific advantage of using Copper Moscow Mule mugs is the temperature. For centenaries, the greatest drinkers have known that cooled drinks in copper cups give an extra-cool sensation, because of the metal which instantly taking on the cold temperature of the cocktail. The rim is the copper mug shifts chilly about instantly, giving a chilled sensation on your lips. The cold metal is extremely efficient at insulating the cold temperature of all liquid, particularly suitable for drinking during summer, and swerving heat from the sun. The holder of the mug assists in maintaining the drinks’ temperature, as well, retaining the near 100-degree body heat of your palm away from the walls of the copper mug making your Moscow Mule carefully chilled inside.

Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

The taste

The taste perks are a little more subjective, and will certainly differ, depending on the ingredients you use. There are, nevertheless, clear hints that using copper mugs for the Moscow Mules flatter the flavors of the ginger beer, vodka with the lime. Some masters say that when vodka meets the walls of the mug, the copper starts to oxidize, somewhat boosting the aroma, and intensifying the punch of the vodka. The cold copper also has a drift to multiply the number of bubbles of the carbonated ginger beer, producing the most fizziness to the Moscow Mule, when contrasted to being served in a glass or plastic container. The lime juice is also made to life with the extra-cold copper, elevating the tangy citrus hints and decreasing the acidity to compliment the spicy ginger beer. If these three flavors attain their maximum potential, they act together to demonstrate that the Moscow Mule justifies its place with the classic American cocktails.

Hammered Copper Mug

The Experience

Arguably, the apparent reason to utilize copper mugs for Moscow Mules is the exhibition. A martini glass just doesn’t seem appropriate except it’s served in the stemmed classic glass vortex, with the spirits whirling throughout a sunken olive. Similarly, it goes for any well-made drink. Backtracking the history of the Moscow Mule, this vodka and ginger beer blend began at bars in Hollywood and Manhattan in 1941. This is to give the drink a unique look, the originators requested specially made Copper Moscow Mule mugs and took photographs of patrons drinking them using the Polaroid cameras, the greatest invention of the day. The images started to distribute, and fame of drinking a delightful Moscow Mule from a smooth, shiny copper mug gained its place in American cocktail history. Hugely prevalent in the mid-20th century, modern trends have set the timeless essence of this infused drink.

Smooth Copper Mug

So, Moscow Copper Mule – Is it really better?

Well, yes! Copper mugs are undeniably the best option for mixing up the authentic Moscow Mule recipe. In fact, numerous other cocktails would avail from these sleek and beautiful mugs. No matter which of the mentioned ideas is most relevant to you, whether it be the temperature, the taste, or the experience, you will certainly enjoy the grand tradition of sipping a cold Moscow Mules from a stunning copper mug.