Matching Type: Pairing Bags and Everything

Matching Type: Pairing Bags and Everything

Bags play an important role since time immemorial and the fashion industry has developed through time. A lot has been written and suggested that bags should be matched with shoes, and nothing can stop us from it. Regardless of what others say about it, the totality of our looks and the finishing touches to bring our looks to a higher level all depend on the quality of the bag we carry. Here are a few things to consider on how to choose the right bag for your outfit.



Different bags are used for different occasions. Whether they are for shopping, dressy, formal or informal, casual, or office, there is always an appropriate bag for each event. As per rule of the thumb, small bags add a more elegant look and large ones reflect a laid-back aura: the main reason why most of us choose to wear larger bags with casuals and clutches with formals.


Woven Patterned Shoulder


Like clothes do, your bag can also show your best features off and take the parts you don’t like about your body. But that could only be possible if you’ll choose the right ones. A pear-shaped body is wider on the hips, thus, a hip-length bag would only make it look larger. Choose a waist-length bag to catch eyes on the slimmer middle. The game is all about proportions, so you must be sure to make a balance of everything. If you have a big bust, avoid saddle bags as it draws attention to the cleavage. A body with a curvaceous physique is perfect for long slim bags. For taller ones with the same body type, low-hanging bags will make you look gorgeous.


Korean Simple Basic Casual Leather Backpack with Bear


As mentioned, matching bags with all other body accessories has to do with balance. The top secret is getting the right match of bag and outfit so that you would not look so boring. Also, when wearing color-blocked outfits, patterned and styled bags catch the eye. Multi-colored outfits are best matched with single-colored bags like black or beige. The leather is also good for colored outfits.