Knowing the Different Types of Cleansers

Knowing the Different Types of Cleansers

With the variety of products that arise in the market today from simple liquid solutions to gels, oils, and foam cleansers, it is now hard to choose what best fits for our skin. If you may think that these are all the same, they actually are classified according to function, skin type, purpose, benefits, and other factors.


FOAM CLEANSERS: These are light weight cleansers that can be used to combat skins that are oily and/or acne-prone.  They are best known to calm an inflamed complexion as well as break down trapped dirt and other debris. These are recommended for patients with oily and acne prone skin because they are a little more drying. Many prefer this type of cleanser because they feel very clean after washing. Also, you can go for an aggressive scrub on your skin if you like because the formula is already in the form of foam.


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POWDER CLEANSERS: This might sound to be a new way of cleaning or washing your face, but this innovative beauty inclination has existed for a good reason. Often made and reserved for baby bottoms, it has now made its way to our regular skin care routine because this product has been doing well through the years. More so, this product is best for travelers who need to comply with liquid prohibitions because it is packed dry. The grains are small and mild so they are not painful to the skin.


GEL CLEANSERS: These are acne – fighting cleansers that could help you control even the most aggressive possible breakout. This is perfect if you desire to purify your complexion as they are gentler than the usual soap cleansers. Commonly, they are composed of active ingredients that help exfoliate the skin chemically. It works well for all skin types and can even be used as a body wash.


OIL CLEANSERS: These are great solutions for all skin types, so nothing shall be worried about. It surrounds and coddles your skin with a lot of its benefits. Additionally, they work well in removing makeup and waterproof sunscreen by binding up and removing them away.