Know the Types of Foundation That is Perfect For You

Know the Types of Foundation That is Perfect For You

The best trick to have that perfect finish for an even and smooth complexion is to apply foundation right before you do your cheeks, lips and eye makeup. It is also important to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone to create a more natural finish. You can use foam, silicone or your bare hands in the application.

The journey to find the best product and shade for your skin tone could be very hard because of much competition out there. However, it pays to be patient and meticulous for at the end you’ll benefit out of it.

Today, we will stroll you through the various types of foundations that will help you determine which one’s perfect for you.


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1. Liquid Foundation

Although it is commonly known as ‘liquid foundation,’ but rather it has a creamy texture but is liquidier. There are several variants of this kind of foundation alone. There are oil-based, oil-free and waterproof. There are medium to full coverage which solely depends on how much you apply. This kind of foundation usually gives a heavier coverage which is typically intended for dry to normal skin types.


2. Tinted Foundation

If you are favored enough to have a naturally good skin, then this is the perfect foundation for you as it only gives a very light coverage. Since this foundation is light and sheer, it does not clog your pores thus, taking care more of your skin. If you want a more natural appearance without that heavy foundation feels, this one is for you.


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3. Matte Foundation

This type of foundation is intended for women with oily skin as this is formulated with water alone without the oil. Since matte dries quickly, you have to make sure that when you apply – you blend it as fast as you can. To make sure you don’t dry your skin, make sure to use a primer or any moisturizer before applying a matte foundation.


3. Mousse Foundation

Mousse is also known as the ‘whipped’ foundation. From the name itself – whipped- this foundation is a liquidy form with air whipped in, thus, it is very smooth and light on the skin. Most mousse foundation is suitable for all skin types. It also gives that matte finish, but less the cakey feels as it is way lighter than the matte foundation.


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4. Mineral Foundation

Do you love everything organic? Then, this is your foundation! This type of foundation is made of different natural minerals which make it perfect for those who have quite sensitive skin.



5. Powder Foundation

If you are a woman, who does not want to get a bit messy and don’t like that sticky feels when applying foundation, powder foundation is the best for you. Powder foundation does not provide a very good coverage; so basically, this is good for those who already have good skin. Additionally, powder foundation can also be used a setting powder after applying liquid or cream foundations. This is best as a go-to foundation, very handy as it is compact which is also perfect for those with oily skin.