Know How: Applying Skincare Products

Know How: Applying Skincare Products

How should we apply our skincare products?  That is the question we’re usually asking ourselves. Maybe as we’re dabbing our fingers with our moisturizers and eye creams, this questions runs in our mind. While there are directions on the labels of all skincare product, how serious is it actually to follow these instructions?


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The application of the skin care products plays an essential role to get the most out of them. To do the proper application of your skin care product means to reach target areas of your skin that the products are intended for.


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The key is a gentle and soft touch! Thus, practicing a gentle and soft touch should be everyone’s priority.


If you are massaging the most of your products just like the moisturizer, toners, lip balms, serums, cleansers, and exfoliators; you deserve a glass of champagne because you are doing it right. According to experts, massaging these products is the most effective way to get them through the layers of the skin where exactly they should work.


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Now for the eye creams and spot treatments, you will need extra attention. The eye creams should be patted on using the ring finger because that is the most gentle way to apply it. Rubbing the eye cream can actually result to broken capillaries and also dark circles. Additionally, the spot treatments should only be patted on the affected areas only.


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Simple as they seem but these tips are vital in applying your skincare products. So, never miss these tips!