Interesting Facts about Snail Slime

Interesting Facts about Snail Slime

Have you ever imagined that a snail could be a fountain of youth? Well, it isn’t the snail itself– it’s their slime that they produce that actually does the magic. Snail slime products for beauty are the entire trend now. Yeah! We understand you might have that gross feeling by just thinking about it, but hang in there. Before you say NO, it’s vital that you should have to know it better and explore as to why many women are crazy over the snail slime trend and why you should give it a try too.


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Snail slime or known as the snail filtrate is condensed with nutrients such as a glycoprotein, proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid, antimicrobial and copper peptides, all of which are used for beauty products and shown to be helpful for the skin. All of these components are known to guard the snail’s skin from infection, dryness, damage, and UV rays.

The snail slime comprises 91-98% water. The snail slime is refined many times to enhance its concentration and to make sure it’s pure. Other snail slime products declare to carry as much as 97% of the snail slime filtrate. But, the density and the quality of the snail mucus should likewise be taken into the reckoning when wanting for a good product.

The cosmetic Snail slime is commonly gathered from lab-grown community garden snails or Cornu Aspersum which is previously known as Helix Aspersa, which is regarded as an agricultural pest.

Snail slime is greatly regarded for its anti-aging qualities. It helps to incite the production of collagen and elastin, preserve the skin from the free radicals, repair damaged tissues, soothe skin, and restore hydration. It can also be used to cure dry skin, stretch marks, wrinkles, acne and age spots, burns, rosacea, scars, flat warts and even razor bumps.


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Snail slime filtrate is extensively applied in Korean beauty products like facial masks, moisturizers, serums, and fading creams. Most of their products are not as slimy as you may imagine. Do not worry for they have a neutral look, pleasant smell, and texture.

The treatment of snail slime for beauty records back to the ancient Greece, where renowned physician Hippocrates was known to have prescribed sour milk and crushed snails to remedy inflammation. The application of snail creams began latterly when the Chilean farmers who worked with snails for the French business remarked that their skin became visibly softer.