How to Take Care of Your Suede Shoes

How to Take Care of Your Suede Shoes

Suede shoes have a soft and comforting texture that is why most of us are afraid of cleaning it for fear of ruining its material. Suede shoes are a bit delicate especially when they get wet and are very likely to get stains and scratches.


black Suede Shoes

Before cleaning your suede shoes make sure that:


  • You only use brushes made with soft bristles like Nylon.

  • Never use rough and abrasive brushes.

  • Dry them completely to avoid spreading the dirt or stain even more.

  • Stuff your suede shoes with cloth or crumpled newspapers before you clean them to make sure you keep them in shape.


brown Suede Shoes

When cleaning:


  1. Using your soft brush, blandly clean the dirt and mud on the surface. When cleaning off the dirt, make sure that you brush in one direction only. This is to avoid spreading the dirt and to make sure that you clean it well. But if the stain or dirt is stubborn, probably a stained mud, then go ahead and brush the part vigorously.

  3. For the stains or scuff marks that can’t be cleaned with the brush, you may use a piece of crepe rubber, rubber cleaning stone or suede eraser. Anyways you can just scrape the affected area using an emery board.

  5. To get back the lift of its nap, brush it gently with a soft nylon brush.

  7. After that, you may now take off the cloth or newspaper you stuff inside and then keep them in a shoe box.


pink Suede Shoes

Suede can be very hard to clean and deal, however, if you know how to address it properly, it’s not going to be that hard. Initially, if you don’t want to stress yourself with it, then the best thing to do is to take care of your suede shoes and avoid wearing them when you think the weather is not going to be good for the day.